Rotary Encoders



Absolute Frameless Encoder

High accuracy, high resolution and zero hysteresis frameless kit encoder based on the Giant Magnetic Impedance principle.

Due to its flat profile and big hollow diameter the encoder can be ideally integrated in robots joints, medical devices, torques, BLDC and stepper motors.

Wide mounting tolerances and no calibration required (plug-and-measure) simplifies and shortens the commissioning procedures.

Integrated Encoder

FLUX offers a wide spectrum of tailor-made solutions for encoder integration in dc and stepper motors. 

The entire encoder is designed from scratch, starting with measuring principle (inductive, magneto-impedance), geometry, electronics and firmware functions to offer the optimum integration and performances for each application.


Key Features

  • Flat Structure
  • Frameless
  • Wide Air-Gap
  • High Accuracy
  • Low Inertia
  • No Eccentricity Error


  • Torque-motors
  • Servo-motors
  • UVA Gimbals
  • Radar System
  • Antenna Gimbals

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