Core Values of FLUX

What are the core values of FLUX GmbH
FLUX designs and manufactures revolutionary encoders with unique characteristics and outstanding performance. Here are the three core values that guide our product development process:

Using new and patented technology, the innovative FLUX GMI and INDUCTIVE encoders offer significant performance improvements for drive systems, in both speed and positioning. Taking advantage of the best features of encoder technology, we are able to eliminate all compromises.

FLUX encoders are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual users by providing integrated and, therefore, flexible solutions. It is set out to enhance customer experience and generate additional value for a wide range of applications without wasting time on complicated adjustments during the R&D process of our customers.
FLUX provides high accuracy measuring technology in different technical designs to ensure performance and robustness as well as functionality for any area of the workspace, regardless of environmental influences.

written by
Julia Schneider, Commercial Operations

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