GMI Technology | The Position Encoder Revolution

It has been a long-term challenge to combine the hysteresis-free performance of optical encoders with the robustness of inductive encoders and the large mounting tolerance and working range of magnetic encoders.
The Giant Magneto Impedance technology capitalizes in an exceptional way the interaction between magnetic field and electromagnetic induction and enables FLUX GmbH to combine all of the advantages of existing encoder technologies into one encoder solution.

The GMI Rotary Encoder offers an all-inclusive solution to stand out in any situation.

Hysteresis-free, absolute performance combined with robustness and large mounting tolerances guarantee flexibility in any situation and provide highest accuracy, repeatability, and resolution without compromises.

Aluminium or steel housing, IP67 ingress protection for use in harsh environments as well as plug-and play options make the GMI Rotary Encoder a reliable all-rounder for a limitless area of operations.

written by
Bernhard Lindner, Research & Development

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