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Users of encoder feedback systems have been looking for a technology that combines the hysteresis-free, high-accuracy performance of an optical encoder with the robustness of an inductive encoder and the large mounting tolerance of a magnetic encoder. The Giant Magneto Impedance (GMI) technology, developed by FLUX for position measurement, capitalizes in an exceptional way the interaction between magnetic field and electromagnetic induction.


With this innovation, FLUX is able to design and manufacture revolutionary encoders with unique characteristics and outstanding performance.

Best Practice

Using new innovative technologies, FLUX and its GMI technology offer significant performance improvements for drive systems in both speed and positioning.


Encoder technology from FLUX is specifically designed to meet the needs of individual users by providing integrated and, therefore, flexible solutions to enhance the experience of the customer and generate additional value for a wide range of applications.


FLUX provides high accuracy measuring technology in different technical designs to ensure performance and robustness as well as functionality for any area of the workspace, regardless of environmental influences.

FLUX position encoders and its GMI technology provide the best solution for supplying high-value, best-performing encoder systems.


  • Robotics Robotics


    Providing solutions for robotic joints used in industrial or medical applications, FLUX encoders offer a variety of mounting and mechanical options to ensure an optimal integration without the need for calibration, just plug and play.
  • Machine Tools Machine Tools

    Machine Tools

    High dynamics and accuracy in the arcsecond range without requiring calibration, as well as ingress protection IP67 make FLUX encoders an outstanding choice for machine tools.


    Due to their excellent position and speed control, easy installation features as well as a weight-reduced and flat profile for both, rotor and stator, the FLUX Encoder Systems are an ideal choice for use in UAVs.
  • Semiconductor Industry Semiconductor Industry

    Semiconductor Industry

    Precision in the arcsecond range, 360 degree scanning, and intrinsic eccentricity correction provide the ideal basis for applications within the semiconductor industry.

    Product Portfolio

    The High Performer

    GMI Angle Encoder

    Arcseconds in All Environments
    Advanced performance and unique characteristics of FLUX GMI technology set new standards.

    The GMI Angle Encoder provides the highest accuracy resolution for even the most demanding applications.

    The Versatile One

    GMI Rotary Encoder

    Precision and Versatility
    Accuracy, repeatability, and resolution make this product line a reliable all-rounder for a wide range of applications.

    GMI Rotary Encoders offer an all-inclusive solution to stand out in any situation. 

    The Compact One

    INDUCTIVE Rotary Encoder

    Reliability in Narrow Spaces
    The Inductive Rotary Encoder is imperturbable despite being an open PCB design that fits and operates wherever it is needed.

    For this encoder, there is no place too narrow.

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