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INDUCTIVE Rotary Encoders for Critical Medical Applications

Learn how FLUX compact and precise encoders are trusted in crucial medical technology applications including medical robotics.

July 2024

When it comes to health and human lives, even minor errors can have serious consequences. This means that the demands placed on components and systems in medical applications, especially in robotics, are incredibly high. FLUX’s precision encoders meet these demands and have a proven track record in these applications: the encoders are extremely compact and flat, insensitive to potential sources of interference, and fail-safe.

For medical applications requiring a high degree of specialization, FLUX’s IND-ROT INDUCTIVE Rotary Encoders are virtually unmatched. This is particularly true for the latest Mini series which is available in 34, 36 and 45mm O.D. size options. Bigger size options are also available for the INDUCTIVE Encoders including 55, 69, 80 and 96mm models.

The IND-ROT series is the flattest and most compact inductive encoder technology on the market. The extremely low profile form-factor makes it easy for design engineers to integrate into their space constrained design envelopes, which provides a larger margin for other components and greater flexibility.

Reliable Performance in Medical Robotics

FLUX INDUCTIVE Encoders are used within a variety of medical applications notably the robotic arms used to perform surgeries on eyes, spine, and vital organs such as the heart. Given the nature of these procedures, precision and reliability is crucial because the robotic arms must never fail during surgery due to a defect. To ensure this level of reliability, FLUX offers fully redundant encoders with two independent channels. This ensures fail-safe reliability and the integrated redundancy guarantees uninterrupted operation.

Engineered for Specialized Medical Applications

There are several other features that make FLUX encoders the smart choice for highly specialized medical technology applications:

  • Insensitive to shock and contamination, and not susceptible to magnetic and electromagnetic interference
  • Operate hysteresis-free, with 360-degree scanning and high resolution
  • Absolute position measurement in the smallest installation space, with plug & play functionality, fastest setup with calibration
  • Wide mounting and operating tolerances which reduces OEM production time and overall cost  

Learn more about FLUX INDUCTIVE Rotary Encoders.

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