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In the past, users of encoder feedback systems researched with great effort in order to invent a technology that combines the hysteresis-free high accuracy performance of an optical encoder, the robustness of an inductive encoder and the large mounting tolerance of a magnetic encoder.
FLUX provides all of the above mentioned advantages in an All-In-One Product: the GMI Encoder Design.
  • no position hysteresis / backlash
  • scanning area over the entire circumference of a rotary measurement system
  • high signal to noise ratio
  • high accuracy
  • large mounting tolerances

Product Portfolio

GMI Angle Encoder

Arcseconds in All Environments
The GMI Angle Encoder provides the highest accuracy resolution for even the most demanding applications.
  • Accuracy in arseconds
  • IP67 steel housing for maximum mechanical sturdiness
  • 24 bit resolution without in-field calibration
  • Easy installation with sliding fits and dowel pin holes

GMI Rotary Encoder

Precision and Versatility
An all-inclusive solution to stand out in any situation, the GMI Rotary Encoder offers high accuracy, repeatability, and resolution.
  • Flat and robust
  • Lightweight
  • IP67 aluminium or steel housing
  • Wide mounting tolerance without calibrating
  • Easy installation with sliding fits and optionally syncro clamps

INDUCTIVE Rotary Encoder

Reliability in Narrow Spaces
The Inductive Rotary Encoder is imperturbable despite being an open PCB design that fits and operates wherever it is needed.
  • Flat and narrow
  • Resistant to dust and electrical & magnetic fields
  • Thickness < 6mm
  • Total weight 20g
  • Easy mounting
  • No calibration
For this encoder, there is no place too narrow.

FLUX provides optimal solutions for high value best performing systems.

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